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A little bit of our 86 year history

Clifford L. Frates

C. L. Frates and Company was founded in 1924 by Clifford L. Frates.    Our Company has followed our customers in the oil and gas, aerospace, construction business and many other endeavors around the globe. 

From an insurance agency representing a handful of insurance companies in 1924, we have become a multi-faceted insurance entity providing a full spectrum of insurance solutions.  We have created and managed insurance companies for our customers when orthodox insurance markets were incapable or unwilling to provide coverage.  C. L. Frates and Company has developed third-party administrative capabilities for self-insured property & casualty, and health and life insurance plans serves both associations and corporations.  C. L. Frates and Company Reinsurance Intermediaries in Stamford, Connecticut is one of the most respected reinsurance intermediaries in the world. Rodman Frates

Four Divisions of C. L. Frates and Company

The four divisions of C. L. Frates and Company,provide a complete montage of insurance services that provide every risk management alternative.

C. L. Frates and Company’s long history of success is attributable to the fact that the principals and staff of the company have made service to, and the security of our customers, our first concern.  Without exception, every partner in the Frates Enterprise is dedicated to providing the best insurance solution for our customers whether that means sorting out the existing alternatives or developing entirely new answers to new problems.Rodman Frates

C. L. Frates and Company created some of the first offshore captive insurance companies.  We pioneered the Cliford L Fratesdevelopment of insurance in the digital age by developing products for banks that covered their virtual risks. We created unique insurance solutions for hospitals, physicians, and the banking and aerospace industries when orthodox insurance was either unavailable or prohibitively expensive.   

Service to our customer and providing the broadest coverage at the most reasonable price commensurate with good security are the reasons for C. L. Frates and Company’s success.  Peruse our website and learn more about our many risk management solutions.

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